Mark Cuban on the Important Thing You Should Look for in a Job Offer

From TIME - August 17, 2017

When Mark Cuban sold his internet streaming service to Yahoo in 1999, 300 of the companys 330 employees became millionaires overnight, he said.

What they did with their newfound wealth was immediately important to him.

We had to have people talk to them about how to make sure they kept it rather than mismanaging the windfall, Cuban recently in an interview with MONEY.

Those days of striking it rich in the dotcom era are gone, but Cuban cited the Broadcast bonanza as an example of one of the most dramatic ways workers today can increase their net worth: by earning equity in the companies they work for.

If you can take a job that allows you to earn equity in your company, that's always a huge advantage, he said. It does not have to be a tech company. It can be a company that makes bricks. If you have the opportunity to work for a company that offers you equity, that offers you a chance to participate in the upside, particularly if it's early in its life cycle, that's a chance to really do well.


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