Traffic levels hit record high

From BBC - September 14, 2017

Traffic across Britain has hit record levels, according to the latest provisional statistics from the government.

The biggest rise was in vans, up 3.6% between June 2016 and June this year.

That was followed by car mileage, up 1.3% over the same period. Lorry traffic actually fell in that time, by 1.5%.

These are provisional figures collected from around 200 automatic traffic counters.

The final estimate will not come for another year, after they have added data from people manually counting by the roadside.

Why is it going up?

Britain's traffic levels actually fell between 2008 and 2012, but they have been rising ever since.

There are three likely reasons. First, the economy has been growing which normally means people drive more.

The population has also been rising, meaning more people own vehicles, and fuel has been getting cheaper.

Peak car?


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