UK's oldest postcard firm set to close

UK's oldest postcard firm set to close
From BBC - September 25, 2017

When was the last time you sent a postcard?

If the pronouncement of UK publisher J Salmon is anything to go by it's likely to have been a long time ago.

The family-owned firm, which has been publishing postcards and calendars since 1880, will close this December.

The reason? It says instead of penning a card, people are putting photos up on Facebook or Instagram or using WhatsApp to show friends and family at home just how much fun they are having.

Postcards offer a glimpse into the past

Sending a postcard from somewhere you have never been

Brothers Charles and Harry Salmon, the fifth generation of the family to run the firm, said the popularity of social media had had a huge impact on the business.

People are also tending to take shorter holidays, meaning they are likely to have arrived home long before their postcards, the brothers -joint managing directors of the firm - said.

As a result the business was no longer viable, they said.


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