Apple's Tim Cook prefers augmented reality to VR

Apple's Tim Cook prefers augmented reality to VR
From BBC - October 11, 2017

Apple's chief executive has suggested he is not very enthusiastic about virtual reality.

Tim Cook said that he felt that the technology could isolate users and voiced a preference for augmented reality instead.

AR involves mixing graphics and real-world views together rather than solely filling a person's view with computer-generated images.

One expert suggested Mr Cook's view was becoming more popular in tech circles.

Mr Cook expressed his opinion at an event hosted by the University of Oxford, in response to a student's question about what technologies would prove transformative.

"I am incredibly excited by AR because I can see uses for it everywhere," Mr Cook replied.

"I can see uses for it in education, in consumers, in entertainment, in sports. I can see it in every business that I know anything about

"I also like the fact that it does not isolate.

"I do not like our products being used a lot. I like our products amplifying thoughts and I think AR can help amplify the human connection.

"I have never been a fan of VR like that because I think it does the opposite.

"There are clearly some cool niche things for VR but it's not profound in my view. AR is profound."

Apple's latest mobile system - iOS 11 - has made it easier for augmented reality features to be added to apps via a set of tools it shared with developers in June called ARKit.


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