Boeing passenger jets have falsely-certified Kobe Steel products-source

From Reuters - October 12, 2017

TOKYO (Reuters) - Boeing Co, the worlds biggest maker of passenger jets, has used Kobe Steel products that include those falsely certified by the Japanese company, a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

Boeing does not as yet consider the issue a safety problem, the source stressed, but the revelation may raise compensation costs for the Japanese company, which is embroiled in a widening scandal over the false certification of the strength and durability of components supplied to hundreds of companies.

The U.S. airline maker is carrying out a survey of aircraft to ascertain the extent and type of Kobe Steel components in its planes and will share the results with airline customers, said the source who has knowledge of the investigation.

The source asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.

Even if the falsely certified parts do not affect safety, given the intense public scrutiny that airlines operate under they may opt to replace suspect parts rather than face any backlash over concerns about safety.

Any large-scale program to remove those components, even during scheduled aircraft maintenance, could prove costly for Kobe Steel if it has to foot the bill.

Kobe Steels CEO, Hiroya Kawasaki, on Thursday said his companys credibility was at zero. The company, he said, is examining possible data falsification going back 10 years, but does not expect to see recalls of cars or airplanes for now..


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