Security guard in Tesco Extra Reading roof protest

Security guard in Tesco Extra Reading roof protest
From BBC - October 13, 2017

A security guard who claims he was "sacked for no reason" from Tesco has spent the night protesting inthe supermarket's roof space.

He has been on the girders above the checkouts in Tesco Extra, Reading, for more than 16 hours, live-streaming on Facebook.

Shoppers were told to abandon their trolleys and leave the store as he climbed to the roof yelling.

Tesco said it was "assisting police with the matter".

In his online videos, the man claims he was falsely accused of stealing by the supermarket chain.

He said: "If Tesco think I am going to walk away from this, they have got another thing coming."

In the latest video, he says he has been denied water for the past 12 hours and also apologised to shoppers.

"Sorry for some of you that are supposed to come here shopping in this store," he said. "It's inconvenient, sorry for that people but it's something I have to do.

"I have been protesting for the past six months and they [Tesco] know about it.

"Today, Tesco needs to come up here, and explain to me why I lost my job."


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