UPDATE 1-Anti-Trump group says most of US economy backs Paris climate pact

From Reuters - November 11, 2017

BONN, Germany (Reuters) - U.S. cities, states and businesses accounting for more than half the countrys economy remain committed to the 2015 Paris climate accord despite President Donald Trumps plan to pull out, an anti-Trump alliance said on Saturday.

The Americas Pledge report, presented on the sidelines of 200-nation talks on global warming in Bonn, Germany, said non-federal U.S. backers of the Paris pact accounted for $10.1 trillion or 54 percent of U.S. 2016 gross domestic product.

The group ... represents a bigger economy than any nation outside the U.S. and China, said former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, a leading opponent of Trumps decision in June to withdraw from the agreement and to promote U.S. coal and oil.

No other nation has followed Trumps lead.Several hundred people attended the launch of the report in a huge tent pavilion outside the main venue to try to persuade other nations we are still in despite Trump.

The study, led by Bloomberg and California Governor Jerry Brown, says it is the first to assess the extent of non-federal support for climate action by U.S. cities, businesses and states.

Some green activists said the plans did not go far enough.

They interrupted a speech by Brown to denounce fracking and oil drilling in California and unfurled a banner showing the California flag, with an oil rig spraying oil onto the grizzly bear it depicts.

We need to do more, Brown said in response. We have to get off oil and gas. But weve got to get off coal first. Unfortunately in politics we dont have a magic wand.

The Paris agreement seeks to end the fossil fuel era this century with a radical shift to cleaner energies such as wind and solar power to curb heat waves, downpours, floods and rising sea levels.


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