Predatory comments prompt YouTube ad suspension

From BBC - November 24, 2017

Mars, Lidl, Adidas and others have pulled all advertisements from YouTube after some were found next to clips used by predators to target children.

Investigations by the BBC and The Times found tens of thousands of "predatory" accounts have been used to leave explicit comments on children's videos.

Problems with the video-sharing site's reporting system have been blamed for letting the accounts persist.

YouTube said it was "working urgently" to clean up the site.

Broken system

A Mars spokesman told the Guardian: "We are shocked and appalled to see that our adverts have appeared alongside such exploitative and inappropriate content."

It said it had immediately suspended advertising globally on YouTube and Google. Adverts would not return until it was sure YouTube had put safeguards in place, it added.

Lidl, Deutsche Bank and Cadbury and many other big brands are also believed to have suspended advertising campaigns while the video-sharing site acts.

A YouTube spokesman said: "There should not be any ads running on this content and we are working urgently to fix this."


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