Will it be a slam dunk for the US sports betting ban?

From BBC - December 4, 2017

A ban on sports betting in most US states could be overturned by a case being considered by the Supreme Court.

The state of New Jersey is challenging the 1992 federal law that largely outlawed sports gambling, describing the matter as a "states' rights" issue.

The lawsuit comes after residents voted in 2011 to legalise the practice.

A group of sports leagues opposes betting on games, which they fear will encourage match-fixing.

Lower courts have consistently ruled against New Jersey, saying it is within the federal government's power to limit a state's policy options.

The Supreme Court opted to hear the case nevertheless amid a wider shift in American attitudes toward gambling.

Before 1976, Nevada - home of the Las Vegas strip - was the only state with legal casinos outside Native American lands.

But in recent years, states hungry for tax revenue in the wake of the financial crash have enacted a rash of looser gambling laws, collecting hefty levies on gambling revenue.

There are now 24 states with commercial casinos - roughly double the number a decade ago.

Despite the official ban, which already exempts Nevada and three other states, illegal sports betting is rife in the US.

'Times have changed'


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