Ryanair to meet Irish pilots' union in bid to halt strike

Ryanair to meet Irish pilots' union in bid to halt strike
From BBC - December 17, 2017

Ryanair and the Irish pilots' union look set to meet for talks next week in a bid to avert a pre-Christmas strike.

The airline has offered to recognise trade unions for the first time after pilots in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal threatened walkouts.

While some unions agreed to suspend action, the Irish Air Line Pilots' Association wanted more clarification.

And an IALPA official warned the talks may come too late to halt a strike.

Ryanair said on Saturday that it would meet the German pilots' union for talks on Wednesday.

The airline's chief operations officer, Peter Bellew, confirmed the planned meetings in a social media post on Saturday, saying "let's keep talking".

The Irish union responded on Sunday that it would be "happy to do that". However, it is unclear which day the two side will meet.

Ryanair in union offer to avoid strikes

Ryanair pilots to strike before Christmas

Niall Shanahan, a spokesman for Impact, a union to which IALPA is affiliated, said: "We indicated to Ryanair that we were happy to meet them on Wednesday, but we would not be in a position to consider suspending the scheduled industrial action until we met them."

Mr Shanahan, speaking on Ireland's Today FM radio station, added: "They suggested a meeting on Tuesday evening, and again we are happy to do that, but similarly, we are not in a position to consider the stages of the industrial action until after we have met them."


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