Kaspersky files lawsuit over anti-virus software ban

Kaspersky files lawsuit over anti-virus software ban
From BBC - December 18, 2017

Russian software security firm Kaspersky Lab has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration over a ban on its anti-virus products.

It is the latest move by the company to refute allegations that it is vulnerable to Kremlin influence.

Kaspersky says the US has deprived it of due process rights by banning its software from government agencies.

The company has repeatedly denied links to any government, and says it would never pursue cyber espionage.

In September, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) told US government agencies to remove Kaspersky Lab from their computer networks within 90 days.

The order came amid mounting concern in the US that Kaspersky software could assist Russian espionage and threaten national security.

The ban was written into law last week when President Donald Trump signed legislation banning Kaspersky Lab from being used across civilian and military agencies.



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