Cut Premier League ticket prices, urges Man City captain

Cut Premier League ticket prices, urges Man City captain
From BBC - January 4, 2018

Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany has urged Premier League football clubs to cut ticket prices for fans.

The two-time Premier League winner said fans helped create "a lot of atmosphere" at matches helping clubs sell the TV rights.

"Use that competitive advantage to lower the price for the fans," he said.

Kompany's advice stems from his recent dissertation on the topic for his Masters in Business Administration, which he graduated from last month.

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He told the BBC Radio 5 live's Wake Up to Money programme that it was for business reasons that he wants to see the cost of a ticket reduced as part of the Premier League's long term strategy.

Kompany's research - based on speaking to 25 fellow elite footballers - concluded there was "a real financial value and benefit in fostering home advantage".

"The study concluded that you get better home advantage depending on the atmosphere that you can create within your facilities, and that is linked to the people who enter your stadiums.

"Those that live for the club, and are probably more attached to the club than anybody else. But those are probably not always the guys who can afford it," he added.

According to the recent Annual Review of Football Finance by Deloitte, the proportion of Premier League revenues that come from matchday ticket sales has fallen from 29% in 2007/8 to a projected 15% in the 2017/18 season.

When compared to the rest of Europe's top leagues, in 2015/16 the Premier League was less reliant on ticket sales (17% of revenues) than Spain (20%) and Germany (19%), but more so than Italy (11%) and France (11%).

In that season the television revenues in England's top division were more than double that of its nearest rival, Spain's La Liga.

Kompany said because the Premier League was generating two or three times the revenue of the other top five leagues in Europe from TV, it should focus on this.

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