Watchdog to review £11bn UK roll-out of smart meters

From BBC - January 11, 2018

Plans to install smart meters in millions of British homes will be reviewed by the government spending watchdog, the BBC has learned.

The National Audit Office says it will investigate whether the planned 11bn rollout will save customers money.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said it will work with the NAO to "help review the progress of this important programme".

Smart meters show how much energy is being used and the cost in real time.

The technology is projected to save 16.7bn through reduced energy use, with the cost of the scheme funded through energy bills.

Meter readings are sent back to the supplier, with the promise of energy bills based on accurate use, rather than estimates.

But some users have experienced problems with installations, inaccurate bills or loss of the meter's 'smart' features when they switch suppliers.

Now the National Audit Office says it will review the project.

Its study will "assess the current economic case for the rollout of smart meters and look at whether the government is on track to achieve its target to rollout meters by 2020".


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