Apple health data used in murder trial

From BBC - January 12, 2018

Health data has provided crucial evidence at a trial in Germany, in which a refugee is accused of rape and murder.

Apple's Health App accurately records steps and has been pre-installed on the iPhone 6S and newer models.

Data suggesting the suspect was climbing stairs could correlate to him dragging his victim down a riverbank and climbing back up, police said.

The accused - Hussein K - has admitted his guilt but disputed some details.

The 19-year-old medical student Maria Ladenburger was murdered in October 2016 and the trial - at the district court in Freiburg - started in September.

Ms Ladenburger was raped and drowned in the River Dresiam.

The suspect - identified by a hair found at the scene of the crime - refused to provide police with the PIN code to his phone so investigating officers turned to an unnamed cyber-forensics firm in Munich, which broke into the device.

The health data app on iPhones records activity - including how many steps are taken, nutrition and sleep patterns as well as various body measurements such as heart rate.


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