Europe puts 1bn euros into supercomputer research

From BBC - January 12, 2018

The European Commission has unveiled plans to spend 1bn euros creating "world class" supercomputers.

The project was needed, it said, because European contributions to existing high-performance computing projects was "insignificant".

The cash will be spent developing machines that carry out a billion billion calculations per second.

The world's current fastest supercomputers are about a thousand times slower than this target.

The Commission said the machines would boost future industrial prosperity and pointed to existing machines that had helped car makers speed up production.

"Supercomputers are the engine to power the digital economy," said Andrus Ansip, EC vice-president for the digital single market. "It is a tough race and today the EU is lagging behind."

Research boost

In a statement laying out its plans, the Commission said initial work would concentrate on developing machines that match the computational capacities of the world's most powerful machines.


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