Hijab shampoo advert: L'Oreal model on 'game-changing' ad

From BBC - January 19, 2018

A UK beauty blogger says she's delighted to be part of a "game-changing" new campaign for shampoo that features her wearing a headscarf.

Amena Khan is the first woman in a hijab to be part of a mainstream advert for hair care.

She told Newsbeat: "It's a platform for diverse voices and women who do not fit the very narrow mould of beauty."

She hopes the campaign, for L'Oreal, will empower young women.

Amena features alongside other women and celebrities in the advert, including Cheryl Tweedy and Dougie Poynter.

She told Newsbeat that using a woman whose hair is hidden sends a positive message.

"You are doing it for yourself and you do not have to show it off to the rest of the world to validate that you care about yourself," she said.

Amena hopes her involvement in the campaign will give young women who wear headscarves a sense of "belonging, acceptance and being seen".

"To say that, actually, there's a voice here that we are valuing even more so than what we see on the outside.

"How great of a message is that to send to every young girl out there?"

Diversity in advertising

L'Oreal is not the first big name brand to embrace diversity in its adverts.


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