These Are the Best 2018 Super Bowl Commercials - So Far

These Are the Best 2018 Super Bowl Commercials - So Far
From TIME - February 4, 2018

The Super Bowl is not only footballs biggest stage, but its also the height of advertising.

Just as the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will battle for the 2018 Super Bowl championship, major companies and ad agencies will fight for your attention. With more than 100 million Americans expected to tune in for footballs biggest game, commercials for companies grow more expensive and extensive with each year. According to Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports charged more than $5 million for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl LII.

While thats a lot of cash, that doesnt include the costs to create a commercial that will grab attention and make headlines. Indeed, per tradition, the Super Bowl ads this year feature a slew of celebrities, cameos and special effects.

While not every ad has been released yet, heres a ranking of some of the best 2018 Super Bowl commercials.

The Best Cameos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took a brief break from taking over the world to appear in his companys Super Bowl commercial. But he wasnt the only high-profile individual to make an appearance. Indeed, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, rapper Cardi B, actress Rebel Wilson and actor Anthony Hopkins took a shot at replacing Amazons Alexa in this 90-second ad. And, yes, we all now want Cardi Bs voice to replace Alexas for good. (We can assume that decision will be up to Overlord Bezos.)

The Best Break in Tradition

The Budweiser Clydesdales took a break once again this year in the companys new and emotional Super Bowl commercial. Instead of promoting its beer, Budweiser used its ad to show the work that went into bottling water this year in response to numerous natural disasters all over the world, including in Puerto Rico and California. Budweiser has donated 79 million cans of drinking water in response crises around the world during the last 30 years, the company said. The ad, which follows one factory worker who helps bottle the water, is set to the song Stand By Me. Last year, Budweisers ad focused on the story of its co-founder, who immigrated from Germany to the U.S.

The Best Running Joke

Febreze went all in on the story of The Only Man Whose Bleep Dont Stink. That is, the only guy who doesnt leave behind a gross smell when he exits the bathroom. This documentary-style commercial focuses on the story of this manDavewith interviews with his parents, his former wrestling coach and his ex-girlfriend. The stand-outs, certainly, are Daves parents: My friendher sons a lawyer. But, my sonhis bleep dont stink, says the mom. Thats better than being a lawyer, the dad responds proudly.

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