Holiday and sick pay for gig economy workers

From BBC - February 6, 2018

The government is to give gig economy workers new rights including holiday and sick pay for the first time.

Its Good Work plan is in answer to last year's Taylor Review which recommended changes in conditions to reflect modern working practices.

The government has adopted nearly all the review's recommendations.

But unions have said the plan will still leave 1.8 million workers without key rights.

The Taylor Review concentrated particularly on the so-called gig economy of part time and flexible workers. It said all work in the UK economy should be "fair and decent".

The government says it is going further than the Review's recommendations by:

It says it will now monitor and report on the quality as well as the quantity of jobs in the economy and take steps to make sure flexible workers are aware of their rights.

It is also asking the Low Pay Commission to consider a higher minimum wage for workers on zero-hour contracts, and says it may also repeal laws that allow agencies to employ workers on cheaper rates.

The Prime Minister Theresa May said "We are proud to have record levels of employment in this country but we must also ensure that workers' rights are always upheld. Our response to this report will mean tangible progress towards that goal as we build an economy that works for everyone."

'Specific commitments'

Matthew Taylor, the author of the original review, called the government's response "substantive and comprehensive".

He said: "It will make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable workers and that is what matters.

'Light on substance'


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