Redheads Have the Most Triumphant Reactions to Getting Their Own Emoji

From TIME - February 8, 2018

Redheads are positively thrilled to be getting emoji of their very own.

The Unicode Consortium, which oversees emoji selection, announced the 157 new characters for its new Emoji 11.0 collection Wednesday. And with this fresh new batch comes a key addition: the long-awaited redhead emoji in a range of skin tones. For phone-carrying customers who have long felt excluded from the conversation, this news about red hair cartoon people is raining down like champagne.

Other new emoji: a smattering of superheroes, leafy greens, a paper hat topped-party face, a pirate flag, a pink frosted-cupcake, and a mosquito. Users will also be able to choose from bald, curly-haired and others, also in a range of skin tones. Theyre all set to release in June, but wont likely hit everyones phones until August or September. Despite the fact that the redhead emoji wont be at our fingertips for months, theres a widespread celebration online.

It may not be Hollands Redhead Days festival, which unites natural born redheads from all corners of the earth, but it is a redhead party. Its truly a new dawn, and a new day.


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