Old Charles Darwin paper £10 notes out, new 10p coins in

Old Charles Darwin paper £10 notes out, new 10p coins in
From BBC - February 28, 2018

Bank of England paper 10 notes are being accepted in shops for a final day before being officially withdrawn.

The Charles Darwin notes have been gradually replaced by the polymer Jane Austen note since September.

From Friday, anyone with the banknote will need to deposit it at their bank as shops will be entitled to refuse it.

At the same time, a collection of new 10p coins featuring 26 designs celebrating Britain - from cricket to queuing - are entering circulation.

Millions still out there

Officially, any bank, building society or retailer is within their rights to refuse an old paper 10 note from Friday. Only the Bank of England in London will accept them without question in the future.

Yet all the major banks and the Post Office have said they will continue to accept deposits of these notes, featuring the portrait of naturalist Charles Darwin, from their own customers.

They have been under pressure to do so from the Federation of Small Businesses, which said this would help get the older versions out of circulation quicker.

At the last count, the Bank of England estimates that 211 million of these old notes are unreturned.

The launch of the polymer Jane Austen 10 note came after a four-month period when women, apart from the Queen, were not represented on the Bank's notes.

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