China dominates self-made woman rich list

China dominates self-made woman rich list
From BBC - March 7, 2018

China has once again dominated a list of global self-made woman billionaires.

The top four women in the report by publisher Hurun - and five of the top 10 - come from the Asian superpower.

Zhou Qunfei, who founded a firm that makes glass used to cover laptops and smartphones, was the world's richest self-made woman, with $9.8bn (7.1bn).

Her company Lens Technology has contracts with some of the biggest technology firms, and counts Apple and Samsung as its main customers.

Ms Zhou, who came from a poor rural background, also featured on the Forbes Billionaires list released earlier this week.

Forbes ranked her as the world's 16th richest woman overall, with all of those above her appearing to have inherited or married into their wealth.

In total, 28 of the top 50 on the Hurun self-made list are from China.

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