'Drone crash' starts forest fire in Arizona

From BBC - March 12, 2018

A drone owner has been charged with starting a fire that destroyed 300 acres (1.2 sq km) of grassland in Arizona's Coconino national forest.

A drone reportedly caught fire after it crashed, igniting dry grasses on an area called Kendrick Park, near Flagstaff.

About 30 firefighters brought the blaze under control within a day.

If found guilty, the drone's owner could face a fine, community service or a jail sentence.

Last year, a homeless man whose cooking fire accidentally set light to more than 282 acres of Arizona forest received a 12-month jail term and was fined $12,000 (8,660).

Drone conflict

While tackling the incident last week, firefighters pre-emptively set light to grasslands surrounding a local landmark - the Chapel of the Holy Dove - to ensure the small church was not threatened by the flames.


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