Brazil to handle with care U.S. tariff threat -Temer

From Reuters - March 14, 2018

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - President Michel Temer said on Wednesday that Brazil will respond with caution to planned U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum to avoid hurting ties with its second-largest trade partner.

But if talks fail, the president emphasized, Brazil will not hesitate to take a complaint to the World Trade Organization.

Temer urged Brazilian steel producers and their U.S. clients to work together in lobbying the U.S. government and Congress to modify the tariffs announced last week by President Donald Trump.

We have to treat our relations with the United States with great care, because they are our biggest trade partner after China, Temer said, speaking at the opening of the World Economic Forum on Latin America.

If there is no friendly solution. Brazil will join other countries in filing a complaint at the WTO.


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