Final gender pay gap figures revealed

Final gender pay gap figures revealed
From BBC - April 4, 2018

Final gender pay gap figures for large companies in the UK have been revealed after the deadline expired for firms to report their findings.

More than three-quarters of UK companies pay men more on average than women, BBC analysis of government figures suggests.

More than 10,000 companies published data, with more than 1,000 firms reporting on the last day.

The median pay gap among those companies was 9.7%.

The figures indicate 78% of firms pay men more than women on average, while 14% pay women more.

This is based on the median measure, which is the level of pay that separates the top half of earners from the lower half.

In total, 8% said they had no pay gap between men and women.

The gender pay gap is not the same as equal pay. By law, men and women with the same jobs have to be paid the same wages.

A gender pay gap can arise if there are more highly paid men than women in a company, or if women are deemed to be less experienced than their male counterparts, or if women take a hit to their salary after taking maternity leave.

In reporting gender pay, firms with more than 250 staff have to publish data on the average difference between male and female employees.

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