Gadget Lab Podcast: How Facebook Will Change After This

From Wired - April 13, 2018

Even though Facebooks massive success will likely continue unabated after this weeks Congressional hearings, things are going to be very different for the social networking company in the future. One of the most impactful things this weeks hearings did was expose millions of Americans to the depth and scope of Facebooks data collection efforts. The companys practices were mysterious going into the hearings, and while many still cant grasp every detail, they are less mysterious now that theyve been picked apart by Congress and the mainstream media for a full week. We discuss what this weeks drama means for Facebooks future relationship with its users, and the governments who seek to regulate it. Were joined by special guest Nitasha Tiku, and our new permanent co-host (!!), Lauren Goode.

Some notes: WIRED published more than a dozen Facebook headlines this week, and you can read all of them at the Facebook tag on our website. Nitasha catalogs Facebooks broken data-sharing promises of the past. Also see the 43 things Mark Zuckerberg promised Congress hed follow up on. Recommendations this week: The Slow Burn podcast about Nixon, the new Kronos Quartet documentary, Doing Harm, and The Vanity Fair Diaries.

Send the hosts feedback on their personal Twitter feeds. Arielle Pardes is @pardesoteric, Nitasha Tiku is @nitashatiku, Lauren Goode is @laurengoode, and Michael Calore is @snackfight. Bling the main hotline at @GadgetLab. Our theme song is by Solar Keys.

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